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618-Li Yuan becomes Emperor Gaozu of Tang -initiating three centuries of Tang Dynasty rule over China.

1053- Battle of Civitate -Three thousand horsemen of Normans|Norman Humphrey of Hauteville|Count Humphrey rout the troops of Pope Leo IX.

1178-Five Canterbury -monks see what is possibly the Giordano Bruno (crater)|Giordano Bruno crater being formed. It is believed that the current oscillations of the Moon's distance from the Earth (on the order of meters) are a result of this collision.

1264-The Parliament of Ireland -meets at Castledermot in County Kildare, the first definitively known meeting of this Ireland|Irish legislature.

1429- History of France|French -forces under the leadership of Joan of Arc defeat the main England|English army under John Fastolf|Sir John Fastolf at the Battle of Patay. This turns the tide of the Hundred Years' War.

1633- Charles I of England|Charles I -is crowned King of Scots at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

1684-The charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony -is revoked via a ''scire facias'' writ issued by an English court.

1757- Battle of Kolín -between Prussian forces under Frederick the Great and an Austrian army under the command of Field Marshal Count Leopold Joseph von Daun in the Seven Years' War.

1767- Samuel Wallis -an England|English sea captain, sights Tahiti and is considered the first European to reach the island.

1778- American Revolutionary War -Kingdom of Great Britain|British troops abandon Philadelphia|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1799- Action of 18 June 1799 -A frigate squadron under Rear-admiral Jean-Baptiste Perrée|Perrée is captured by the British fleet under George Elphinstone, 1st Viscount Keith|Lord Keith

1812- War of 1812 -The Congress of the United States|U.S. Congress declares war on Kingdom of Great Britain|Great Britain, Canada, and Ireland.

1815- Napoleonic Wars -The Battle of Waterloo results in the defeat of Napoleon I of France|Napoleon Bonaparte by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher forcing him to abdicate the throne of Kingdom of France#The Napoleonic Era|France for the second and last time.

1830-French invasion of Algeria -

1858- Charles Darwin -receives a paper from Alfred Russel Wallace that includes nearly identical conclusions about evolution as Darwin's own, prompting Darwin to publish his theory.

1859-First ascent of Aletschhorn -second summit of the Bernese Alps.

1873- Susan B. Anthony -is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the United States presidential election, 1872|1872 presidential election.

1887-The Reinsurance Treaty -between Germany and Russia is signed.

1900- Empress Dowager Longyu -of China orders all foreigners killed, including foreign diplomats and their families.

1908- Japanese Brazilians|Japanese immigration to Brazil -begins when 781 people arrive in Santos (São Paulo)|Santos aboard the ship Kasato-Maru.

1908-The University of the Philippines -is established.

1923- Checker Taxi -puts its first taxicab|taxi on the streets.

1928- Aviator -Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean (she is a passenger; Wilmer Stultz is the aviator|pilot and Lou Gordon the mechanic).

1930-Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Franklin Institute -are held.

1935-Police in Vancouver -British Columbia, Canada Battle of Ballantyne Pier|clash with striking longshoremen, resulting in a total 60 injuries and 24 arrests.

1940- Appeal of June 18 -by Charles de Gaulle.

1940- This was their finest hour|"Finest Hour" speech -by Winston Churchill.

1945- William Joyce -("Lord Haw-Haw") is charged with treason for his pro-German propaganda broadcasting during World War II.

1946-Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia -a Socialist, calls for a Direct Action Day against the Portugal|Portuguese in Goa. A road is named after this date in Panjim.

1953-The Egyptian Revolution of 1952 -ends with the overthrow of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty and the declaration of the Egypt#Modern history|Republic of Egypt.

1953-A United States Air Force -Douglas C-124 Globemaster II|C-124 Tachikawa air disaster|crashes and burns near Tachikawa, Japan, killing 129.

1954- Pierre Mendès-France -becomes Prime Minister of France.

1965- Vietnam War -The United States uses B-52 Stratofortress|B-52 bombers to attack National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam|National Liberation Front guerrilla warfare|guerrilla fighters in South Vietnam.

1972- British European Airways Flight 548|Staines air disaster -118 are killed when a British European Airways|BEA Hawker Siddeley Trident|H.S. Trident crashes two minutes after take off from London Heathrow Airport.

1979- SALT II -is signed by the United States and the Soviet Union.

1981-The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk -the first operational aircraft initially designed around stealth technology, makes its first flight.

1983- Space Shuttle program -STS-7, Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space.

1983- Mona Mahmudnizhad -together with nine other Bahá'í Faith|Bahá'í women, is sentenced to death and hanged in Shiraz, Iran because of her Bahá'í Faith.

1984- Battle of Orgreave|A major clash -between about 5,000 police and a similar number of miners takes place at Orgreave, South Yorkshire, during the 1984–1985 UK miners' strike (1984-1985)|UK miners' strike.

1996- Ted Kaczynski -suspected of being the Unabomber, is indicted on ten criminal counts.

2006-The first Kazakhstan|Kazakh -space satellite, KazSat is launched.

2009-The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter -(LRO), a NASA robotic spacecraft is launched.